The Recipe For How It Works

  1. Franchisee candidate submits online information request form.
  2. Franchise Development representatives verify candidate’s qualifications via initial phone interview.
  3. Qualified candidates are sent a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), franchise application form, and background and credit check form.
  4. Franchise candidates send the signed and completed FDD Acknowledgement of Receipt page, Franchise Application, and Background and Credit Check Form to the ENRG legal dept.
  5. Franchise Development representatives review Franchisee candidate's application and financial statements and contacts the candidate to gain any additional necessary information, such as resumes of the applicants, proof of liquid assets, and personal tax returns.
  6. ENRG conducts Franchisee candidate background and credit history check.
  7. ENRG Franchise Representative meets with candidate to answer questions and develop a business plan for the applicants.
  8. The Application and related documents are reviewed by the ENRG Finance Dept. to verify financial information.
  9. ENRG Discovery Day -- Franchise candidate visits our support center and meets with our department heads.
  10. ENRG Franchise committee notifies qualified Franchise candidate that their application has been approved.
  11. Area Development Agreement is signed and fees are paid.
  12. Franchisee presents site for approval.
  13. Franchise Agreement is signed and fees are paid.
  14. Construction begins -- Franchisee and his/her team begin training.
  15. A new Einstein Bros.® location is open for business.
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