Let's Talk Turkey!

Heck, Let's Eat It Too.

At Einstein Bros.®, we've pioneered originality. In a world of shallow new franchise concepts and flash-in-the-pan eateries, we've long hung our hat on staples like Darn Good Coffee® and a bagel-baking heritage that has become the cornerstone of all our freshly baked products—as well as a hot, fresh franchise. From in-store environments that ooze warmth and eccentricity to sandwiches stuffed with mind-bageling ingredients, we've baked ourselves not only into something singular, but also into a franchise segment leader. That’s why we ranked 8th in Fast Casual’s “Top 100 Mover and Shakers,” highlighting the brand as one of the best franchises in the bakery-café category. It’s also the largest and the fastest growing bagel concepts in the Fast Casual segment.

We've created neighborhood shops that are the perfect blend of breakfast restaurant, coffee shop, and sandwich shop. Our franchise is the perfect marriage of craveability on the plate and hospitality from our crews in every franchise throughout the nation. After a first-time customer smells the freshness from the ovens, and delights their taste buds with some of our Darn Good Coffee®, they return. Our latest better-for-you lower calorie and lower fat menu options are a fresh alternative to fast food. And our repeat customers become heavy users, as crew members come to know not only their names, but their daily orders. That’s why we are a segment leader for best franchise business amongst multi-unit restaurant operators.

So where do originality, craveability, and hospitality lead? To an enticing business opportunity with a brand poised for growth. With the Einstein Bros.® franchising program, the same magic we bring to six blends of coffee for breakfast and our tasty Bagel Thin sandwiches at lunch, we now bring to market as an investment opportunity. Want to start cooking with us? Read on.