Innovation, From The Prep Line On Up

We offer:
  • A solid corporate infrastructure
  • A senior management team, franchise industry veterans
  • Experienced departmental leadership
  • Topical training materials
  • An in-house culinary department

Once you're in the fold, you'll enjoy what any franchise business owner should: a solid corporate infrastructure. At Einstein Bros.®, our senior management positions are filled with fast casual and QSR veterans who bring strong restaurant experience to the business. We've got experienced leadership in all our supporting departments from marketing to human resources. In addition, our program extends to day-to-day operations in each neighborhood store, from topical training to supplying the right manuals for thorough field support.

We also have an in-house culinary department that ranks with the best in the industry. Our culinary researchers and seasoned chefs are in a constant quest for the next best thing. We take pride innovating healthier, lighter options that are lower in calories and fat but has the same great taste.

As a result, our franchisees, in turn, get to showcase that cutting edge culinary prowess in their markets.