Get to know the team behind all those fresh baked bagels.

Here at Einstein Bros.® Bagels, we believe in the bagel. We believe it has the power to do amazing things—giving you a reason to look forward to morning office meetings or an afternoon escape or even the simple joy of a shmear mustache on your kid’s face. It’s why we get to the store at 2am every day and bake fresh bagels every four hours, so our bagels are as fresh and delicious as possible. It’s why we only use the finest breakfast ingredients to create the most inspiring flavors. It’s why we do everything possible to make your day that much better. To spread a little more joy and happiness in the world. To laugh, smile and enjoy each other’s company that much more. And to us, there’s no better way to do that than with the bagel.

Ever wonder why our bagels always taste so out-of-the-oven fresh? You’re about to find out. Grab an oven mitt and follow us.


This is where the magic begins – in our bakers’ capable hands. Every Einstein Bros. Bagels location has a head baker who makes certain every bagel is baked to perfection. They are the captains of the kitchen!


Before the first crow, our bakers are already firing up the ovens. That’s because they arrive ahead of the sunrise to begin baking the very first batch of hot, fresh bagels. Why else would the roosters be so excited every morning?


It’s a fact: No two people’s mornings begin at the same time. That’s why we bake all day long. So, no matter what time your day begins, your bagel will always be fresh-out-of-the-oven awesome.