Shmear & Spreads

EBB Garden Veggie Shmear
So many veggies, it's practically a salad! Double-whipped cream chee... Learn More
EBB Honey Almond Shmear
So sweet, you'll go nuts! Double-whipped cream cheese with honey and... Learn More
EBB Jalapeno Shmear
It's getting hot in here! Double-whipped cream cheese with jalapeño... Learn More
EBB Onion Chive Shmear
So good it might bring tears to your eyes! Double-whipped cream chee... Learn More
EBB Plain Shmear
Classic never goes out of style. Double-whipped cream cheese. Learn More
EBB Strawberry Shmear
Berry-licious! That's the best way to describe it. Double-whipped cr... Learn More

Other Spreads: Butter, Jelly & Peanut Butter